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Old Peavey stuff

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  • Old Peavey stuff

    So who has played the old Musicians, Standards, Vulcans and Century's? Ive been getting into the old SS Peavey stuff

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    I always found the older amps too honkish. Mids are weird or something. I had a few of their SS amps. Renown, Session and Pacer. Ones with dist channels just sucked. Clean ch's were fine.

    The older Musician heads I never cared for either.

    My favorite Peavey SS amp is the Bandit.


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      I had an early Bandit back in the 80's that I wish I still had. Also have a Renown 400 from the same time that still sounds great. Distorted channels OK, but not great. Clean stuff is amazing. The 400 is too heavy to tote around but built like a tank.