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Modernizing a GR707

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  • Modernizing a GR707

    Hey all. In a couple of weeks, I will have in my greedy little paws a 1986 or so Roland GR707 guitar! Yep, the one that looks like a spaceship with the arm thingy on it. Had one when the system was new, using the GR700 and the GR 300, and loved the 300. Couldn't make it mis-track if you tried. But alas, it was monophonic. (no chords) Then with the 700, yippee! Chords were possible, but you couldn't make it track properly. Lots of in between notes that inspired a great LP from Adrian Belew. (White Rhino)

    Well over time, I sold off the system, and last week while in a GC in Orlando, my wife handed me one that was on the wall. Plays wonderfully, had a mid single coil added, and was just heavenly! I had forgotten how great the guitar was on it's own. So.........

    I am going to convert it to a 13 pin modern system. I see 3 ways of doing this.
    1) Removing the 24 pin plug, and replacing it with a 13 pin plug. I lose the 3 knobs and the touch sensitive buttons on the bridge pickup, but I have it looking stock.
    2) Gutting the electronics completely and replacing it with a top mounted GK2A.
    3) Same as #2, but installing the GK2A assembly internally, leaving me with holes for knobs for the guitar extra tone and volume controls.

    Anyone do this before? Anything I should be scared off? Let me know your thoughts please.
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