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  • Singing in front of others

    I'm sure this is a common thing but unless the song is cranked up very loud or I'm singing somewhat "sarcastically" (if you will) I have trouble singing in front of even my closest friends and family. Obviously, I see this as a problem because how could I possibly begin to sing on a stage in front of random strangers if I can't do it in front of those who are close to me? Basically what I'm asking is how do I overcome this, what seems to be, lack of confidence?

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    You're not alone. Lots of people have stage fright. You may never get over it. If you sing well you will build your confidence but you may never overcome your lack thereof.

    TBH when I play on stage I'm so damn busy playing and singing that I don't have time to worry about anything else.

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      Oh yeah, stage fright is a very common thing.  One thing is just practice, practice, practice.  Practice until you KNOW you're good.  Even though you said you have trouble with it, family and friends are a good place to start.  Keep in mind, they're your biggest fans, they're not going to do anything to hurt you.  Another idea is karaoke bars, just to get accustomed to singing in front of strangers.  No one really expects anyone to be good at those things.

      A lot of it's just relaxing and having fun with it.  Truth is, even if you mess up, no one's going to remember it.  It doesn't have to be such a big thing.  You're only there to entertain, and the more you have fun with it, the more entertaining it'll be.  Hope this helps.


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        I totally understand where you're coming from and believe me, it's nothing to worry about. Personally I've performed on some of the biggest stages in the UK - many 1000+ and I love it.

        However, ask me to sing for my folks or just a few friends and I clam up and always resort to "mock singing"

        Some performers like to see the whites of the audiences eyes but not many do. The bigger the audience the easier it is - they give you an energy that words can't quite do justice. It allows you to feed from it and thrive from it.

        Go on stage knowing you belong there and you'll wonder why you were ever anywhere else. As for singing in front of your friends - don't worry, just carry on having fun


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          UKTenor wrote:

          However, ask me to sing for my folks or just a few friends and I clam up and always resort to "mock singing"

          I hope this is common.  I agree that I am usually too busy to worry about it in the heat of battle, but and very uncomfortable singing pretty much anything in someone's living room.

          I hate to rehearse for that reason unless it's with full gear.  i do a duo with another guy and we tried to rehearse with just acoustic guitars in his basement and it was very unproductive.

          When I see those American (or otherwise) Idol auditions where someone just stands in front of a desk and sings acapaella, I have to accept the fact that I could never do that in a million years.  The conditions under which I sing have become very formal over the years.  Hell, I don't even like singing happy birthday.

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        I totally understand you :/ I always end up singing in a joking way.. intentionally making it sound goofy or bad. However, I think you'll get over it in time Just keep practicing!


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          My name is Tigran Gasparian. 27, from Israel. 

          I'm a singer and an SLS certified instructor, teaching for over 3 years already in couple of music schools and in my private studio.


          The most important thing about performing WELL infront of an audience is good technique.

          If you have good confidence on your technique the performance will be 80% better. 

          Start by taking vocal lessons with a certified teacher, and after a while when you feel you have better technique try to sing infront of one person, a friend, family, then build it slowly. 




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            Hi ChiefPhil, I'm new here but I totally get what you're saying. I'm 43 now and for many years I didn't share my singing with anyone. I'd only sinin the car or the shower. Once in a great while I'd like a song so much that I would forget and sing to myself within ear shot of someone. The were always complementary but when I realized they could hear me I shut it down. One place that helped me get comfortable singing in front of others was church. In a large, semi-anonymous setting like that there was a "safe zone". Little by little those around me would complement me. It's amazing how quickly that builds your confidence. The same with karaoke bars, but those were still more difficult because you're up front and people are looking at YOU. Not that I condone drinking, but 2 or 3 stiff drinks always helps relax you . Anyway, I'm rambling but you get the point. Good luck:-)


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              This is completely normal. I get that way and then after a few words I become very comfortable. Practice singing in front of just one person. Then increase in numbers. You have to be confident and sure of yourself. You can do it. Step out and kick fear in the butt or it will hold you back forever. You can do it.