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  • Please help w/ video

    I'm going to keep this short. From middle C on down I can sing good. From there to high C is my problem. 1: My "head voice" that I use to sing those notes doesn't have the fullness and sound it should. 2: When I try to "mix" , or add "chest" to sing these notes, my voice breaks up. I wish to sing like these guys:


    but they usually sing up into the middle C to high C range and that is where I struggle. I've watched countless youtube videos trying to find out what I'm doing wrong or how to sing these notes and have it sound natural but I have not succeeded and that is why I'm posting this now. Here is a video of me trying to demonstrate what I'm talking about:


    Thank you so much if you can actually help me.

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    Sometimes you just aren't born with the ability to sing certain ranges. Sorry but I have no advice except to keep practicing using the skills you were given.

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      Plus your links don't work - take a few minutes and set them up so we just need to click on them.

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    ...I sent you private message, I can help. You have intonation what is good for begining...


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      I listened to your youtube clip. Here's my two cents. Judging from your sound I can tell a number of things. Your throat sounds too closed and constricted. You need to stablize the larynx and raise your soft palate more. I can notice a huge difference between your speaking tone and your singing tone. In most cases if the voice is better balanced, then the singing tone should have a similar or stronger timbre than the speaking tone, especially in the easy comfortable ranges like G below middle C to middle C.

      Another thing I noticed is that it doesn't seem like your 'full voice' is engaged, you might need to work on your breath support. It sounds like your voice is 'thinning out' too early in the scale. I can barely hear any chest voice on your G below middle C. I think you should try practice projecting your voice a moderately louder volume (not shouting though). It seems like you're 'holding back' and not letting your full voice come out or project fully. A lot of problems can happen from 'holding back' the voice. First you lose the body engagement and support, then subconsciously try squezzing the throat to make a quieter/softer sound.

      I think you need to find your full voice in the low range first. Try practicing scales (ascending to descending) that start at C below middle C. Such as 5-tone, 1-3-5-8 appreggio, and 8-tone scale. That should help bring more fullest to your voice.

      Let me know if this helps

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        Thanks so much for the awesome reply! You are right. I was holding back. I watched a video on youtube that said if you can't hit the notes at a normal level, you won't be able to project it well. I was intentionally trying to keep a normal level the whole time. Maybe I was holding back too much. Perhaps I should make a new video of me running scales throughout my full "chest" range without holding back. Maybe that would give you a better idea of my actual voice.

        Also, my throat does feel constricted and tight when I get up in that E area. If I try to keep everything loose, it seems like my voice gets too soft and airy but I've been working with it and it seems to be getting better. 

        BTW I fixed the links. If you guys think I should make a new video where I'm singing to my actual potential please tell me and I will make that video when I can.

        In reply to the first responder, I really hope it's not just that my range doesn't extend into that area. That would mean my range isn't even two full octaves (G2 to D4). Ouch. If you listen to Devin Oliver, the singer of I See Stars, you can hear him hit C5 easily. He can probably go higher than that. So what do I have to work on? Increasing my chest range or find my mixed voice so that I can hit the notes I want properly?

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        Yes, try making a new clip with scales in full voice, so we'll have a better idea of your voice.

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      I think I made some progress guys. That "crying" really helped. Having that compression in my voice allowed me to hit those higher notes without screaming for them. This is a audio of me attempting a full 4 octave range. Yeah okay, it doesn't sound great, but I am excited that I can have this range and now I just need to work on the sound and making it smooth throughout. What do you guys think? What should I practice now?