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  • Singer with Social Anxiety :/

    Hey guys, im new here but not new to singing. I have been singing for 11 years i am 20 years old. I have been to 2 music colleges. But some underlaying mental illnesses have struck and i havnt done any singing for about a year. So I took a deep breath grabed the only confidence i had in me ...and recorded a video of me singing... and put it on youtube, and to my amazment i have had 100 views in less that 24 hours! I am well chuffed! Heres the video...please tell me what you think....



    If anyone here is a singer with social anxiety please get in touch. It would be nice to know im not alone! x

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    Hmmm... I think almost every singer has some degree of anxiety about performaing.  I mean, we're putting ourselves out there.  There's no hiding behind an instument where some balme can be placed.  WE ARE the instrument.  Call it stage fright, call it social anxiety, it's all the same.  We are directing the attention on ourselves.  It's the same kind of anxiety one would feel in a crowd of new people.  Do you have a hard time making frineds?  Meeting new people?  Do you hide in the back, hoping not to be noticed?  Very common.


    My best advice... well, I have none to be honest.  I deal with this, too.  But I just kept doing it until I got more comfortable with it.  Everyone will deal with it in a different way.  As I watched your video I noticed in your voice AND you actions that you were uncomfortable even just recording that.  You have no reason to be anxious.  You voice is very sweet, and I bet that when you're alone it counds amazing.  But in front of that camera it sounded too timid.  And to top it off, you're  a very pretty young woman.  Good looks, great voice.  Use them.  Don't be afraid of them.  Don't give a damn about what people think.  Just do what you love and love what you do.  And when you do, you'll find people out there who will love it too.




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      If I were you I'd go see a therapist. Mental issues will probably prove detrimental to your singing beyond the fact that they make you not want to sing in the first place.

      I believe I have a mild case of social anxiety. I don't panic or faint, but if I perform to anybody, even close family members, I blush and receive over-the-top adrenaline injections. It's sort of a drag.

      Point is that no you're most likely not alone.
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        Hi Sophie,

        Its normal to be nervous to sing in front of other people. Most singers do feel some anxiety and nervousness when performing, but its when they transform all of that nervous energy into their performance is what makes the performance exciting. Singing in front of others more often should help. Other times people can be nervous because they're not prepared enough or they aren't confident in their own abilities. That's why practice and rehearsals are important.

        But if its social anxiety in general then you need tackle the issue by addressing the main causes and learn what type of events trigger it. Once you understand it more then can do more to cope with it. Sometimes it's good to talk it through with others as well, either a close friend or a counselor, because it's not always good to keep things bottled up inside for too long. I have dealt with similar issues when I was younger so I probably understand where you're coming from.

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          The only thing I see is you are a little breathy in a few parts, but you sound good. Almost everyone has issues about other people hearing them sing, but you know what? So what. You are out there singing for YOU, not for anyone else. Sing for yourself. If other people like it - GREAT,and if they don't, that is their problem. Don;t worry about it, and just keep singing.
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