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Paying to enter website launch competition?

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  • Paying to enter website launch competition?

    received a press release a couple of days ago from a beat sample website that is about to launch.

    to launch the site with a BOOM, they are putting on a comp... sounds good yeah? standard practice to gain eyes to the website... only thing is, WE HAVE TO PAY TO ENTER...

    would you pay for such a prize of headphones(generic), software(generic) or musical instruments(generic)

    the only thing i would say to this website is you are almost doing it right... just don't ask people to pay for the privilege.

    what do you think?
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    Anytime I see something where I have to pay a fee upfront or buy a certain amount of product, I just pass on it. It might be different if I were in my teens and felt I had nothing to lose, but as an older musician that's been through a lot, I just don't see where it will benefit me at all.
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      I'm not one to buy a pig in a poke.

      Why would I pay money to some unknown web entity?

      Like any contest, if they failed to get adequate sponsorship to cover their costs, then why would I even consider entering?
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        Running from anyone who asks for money upfront is a good rule of thumb!