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How to draw people to your website?


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    I put a link to my band's Reverb Nation page in my sig while participating in online discussion forums. Look, I'm doing it now!

    Interestingly, rpg.net seems to draw more traffic to us than any of the music-related sites I visit. Lot's of Tolkien-fans among the gamers, I suppose.
    I play in a group that sets Tolkien's song lyrics to old-time string band music:
    The Lonely Mountain String Band.
    Hopefully the estate will start considering music licenses again someday so we can publish recordings.


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      sometimes it's harder than it seems


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        Persistance and updating seems a most helpful thing. For many, they create a website, then allow it to get stale (as if it was simply one of those things that got checked off the list).

        A website needs food and water to grow. (so to speak.)

        Keep it fresh and updated.

        Keeping the Harmony at Harmony Central


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          Make the text larger. Not the headlines but the nitty gritty.


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            Originally posted by Mark Harboe View Post
            Hi everyone<BR /><BR />I'm currently in the state of investing time into making my website interesting to my current and future fans. I want to try different things like vlogs, blogs, regular updates of pics etc. and I was wondering if any of y'all have had some prior experience with what works and what doesn't?<BR />What are the most efficient ways to draw people to your website and keep them coming back?<BR /><BR />It seems like it's easier to connect with people on sites like Facebook etc. and also to keep their attention. I'm afraid that by trying to guide people to my website in order to get the music, I'll lose a lot of potential downloads, simply because "it's too much work" for them.<BR /><BR />So how do you do it?<BR /><BR />thank you for your time and answers!<BR /><BR /><BR />Regards,<BR /><BR />Mark Harboe

            try use some marketing skills, for example for drawing people to your website you can start doing email marketing, start sending emails, if you want I can help you with that