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So how do I spread my music independently? Any tips?


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      what about LinkedIn. That will give you a way to establish a network. I would have your own blog, youtube page..
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        Start a viral video on Youtube
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            Post youtube videos, and use Google's Keyword Tool (it's for Adwords users, but it comes in handy for promoting youtube videos) to find good popular keywords. Test the keywords they give you, by going on youtube and searching to see how many other people's videos show up with those keywords. For example, your group is out of Schuylerville, and you have towns like Greenwich nearby. Go on Google's Keyword Tool, and type in "Schuylerville rap" and see how many people search for that phrase or similar phrases. Do the same with "Greenwich rap". If you see that people search for both in Google a lot, then go to youtube and search those phrases to see how many videos show up for each. If there's like 30 videos that pop up in results for "Schuylerville rap", but only 10 for "Greenwich Rap", then pick the one with less results. Put those words in the title of your video. If your song is called "Get Em", then make the title "Get Em' - Greenwich Rap". Now your video will probably be top of the list after it's indexed, and all those people who search for Greenwich Rap will find you. It will also get you lots of visitors from Google as well if you become the top video in youtube results. You can only put so many keywords in the titles of your videos, so you should make them very specific.
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              I know this is very old thread. But I want to let you people know that for spread your music or anythings facebook is a source of god. You can use facebook service from social media company. I have also social media company giving fans at affordable price.

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              I have a mailing list set up where I offer free tracks in exchange for an email. That should be the first thing you do.

              Next, here are two of my most efective strategies online:

              1) Find bands/artists with music similar to yours and start following the people that follow them using a tool like http://justunfollow.com . Be sure to say hi to everyone when they follow you adn ask them if they'd like some free music. Personal touch makes a big difference.

              2) Get a Live365 account, find stations that play your style of music. Then send the DJ a message asking if they will accept your music and how to get it to them.

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                mailjams.com will send your song to people that like your genre, their email list is in the millions....




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                Find relevant sites that review your style of music and send them press releases and request them to review your album.


                Use websiteoutlook.com to see their daily visitors too