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  • Soo anyway,... Wade

    We were having a good discussion before the **bleep** hit the fan here.

    I was about to say practice is good, moving around, interplay is good. I think it's good to improve any area, be it practice, harmonies, musicianship and production adding subs, better tops etc.

    I was in a great band, but it fell apart when 2 members moved away. All I had from that band was our lights/stands/truss etc. I got married etc and ended up with 2 stepkids.

    When they got the bug and became musicians I decided to bite the bullet and buy a PA to put on all ages shows. So my involvement grew from there. I kept adding to it as I could until I had a full system.

    Finally last dec I was able to upgrade the light rig, so it's been a long time coming. But adding a dozen songs with killer harmonies is just as effective if not more. Having a decent system I'm not fighting against let's us perform trouble free, because everything works.

    So I think each aspect has its value...

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    (StratGuy22 here lol)


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      Omni'sMom wrote:
      So I think each aspect has its value...

      Of course they do, otherwise they wouldn't exist.  And the best/most successful acts know how to implement ALL aspects of what goes into everything.


      Are there bands/is it possible to be a successful act that only focuses on one area?  Sure.  But you need to be REALLY REALLY good and REALLY REALLY unique to try and forge that sort of path.  And probably work that much harder at exploiting that niche you've created for yourself.


      Nothing wrong with that at all.  In fact, that might very well be a very good approach.  But I know of very few acts that are THAT good at "that one thing" they do. 


      It's ALL important.  Work hard at every aspect and put 100% into it=success.  Work hard only at the stuff that you most enjoy doing and make excuses for why the other stuff is "**bleep**"=fail.



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        Even musically. Another band I played in before try current one, we "only played what we wanted" which was fine, and at the time we were pretty current. The problem was, if it wasn't working there wasn't much we could do.

        My current band does country, country rock and classic rock. so if something wasn't working we could switch gears to something else.
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