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    We changed out our drummer and L. guitar player in 2012 - and I finally extricated myself from having printed lyrics on stage last summer.  I thought that I had lost the ability to memorize songs like I was able to do in my youth - but it turns out - I was being a little bit lazy or paranoid. 


    This show is at a local brew pub that is very fun to play.  Feeling good about the band.  We got some talented young blood in the new drummer (27) and a seriously versatile talent in the new guitar player.   We also went from one person doing back up vocals - to two.  Huge diffy.

    We've recently tweeked our approach on picking material and it seems to be working for our venues. 



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    Looks like fun!! Man I love playing out.

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      Looks like you guys have a good time! +1 on the Bose towers in the back

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    If the point of the pics are to help sell the band, and if part of what you are selling is your ability to either bring, keep, or excite a crowd, then crowd pics are vastly more important. You can give the general impression of what the band looks like in a few pics. No need to have 30 slight variations of the bass player striking similar poses. Pics of the band interacting with the crowd are great though

    In my band's case, where we're selling the "party" we're promising to bring to a private event, showing as much of the crowd and how well they are enjoying themselves is paramount.


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      Looking great