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    Quick synopsis -- Bon Jovi was scheduled to play at Mohegan Sun in CT tonight. In the past 24 hours, this area has received between 20 and 30 inches of snow, and most of the roads are impassable. I haven't had a plow down my road since sometime yesterday afternoon.


    They rescheduled their show to October at the end of their tour -- and then played the show anyways this afternoon for the people who were stuck in the casino and the hotel.


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    Very cool - I heard they were letting folks in for free too. I'm only 45 minutes away normally but no way was I going out on those roads  .


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      Considering tickets are well over $100, it might have been worth the drive...if you could make it.

      We got 26 inches of snow here in New London, and I still have hip deep drifts on my street. The Mayor's Office official response is "We'll get there when we get there". Evidently expecting a plow to come through once in the past 24 hours in unreasonable.

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    I don't care for his music, we play a few of his songs. He's sounds like a good guy though.

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      And the national media rags on Buffalo for snow.. LOL we got about 12" and we were driving around with the top down