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  • Tribute & Cover Band?

    Would it be wrong for a tribute band to also have a set of other covers? I think this would allow the band to land more private party gigs. I understand a tribute band does songs from one mainstream band but most gigs prefer more variety. Could one set of other covers be enough to get gigs that otherwise would never be a consideration for party planners? Either one set or a couple songs each set as other covers?


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    I'm in a cover band and several tribute bands myself, and what I've learned is that the venues you play at seem to dictate what you can and cannot do as a tribute band. Here in Houston, there are a lot of tribute bands so the venues have a nice pool to chose from, but the venues that book the tributes here are fairly firm on the expectations of the tribute band looking/acting/sounding like who they are tributing. Some are really good, some not so much, but the venues requirements for us tribute bands are the same non-the-less. And usually the better tributes get a little better pay. Typically it's two or three tribute bands per bill. I don't see any coverbands that get booked with tribute bands on the same bill around here, and vise versa. Could be different in your location. Also, our tribute band venues are usually different from the cover band venues, completely different circuit of clubs.  I can't say that I've ever done a tribute set at a cover band venue, but I'm sure that's doable?


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      I've seen the same band be two different tribute acts on the same bill.   There was a guy around here who used to come out for one set as The Cars and then the next set as Tom Petty.

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    A bunch of bands that fall into the Tributable category did quite bit of cover songs in their day.  That would seem to be an approach worth looking into - doing the covers that your tributor covered. 



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      Speaking as a "fan", if I were to go to a Green Day tribute band, for example, and they started doing AC/DC songs, I'd be kinda like...wtf.  The higher the ticket price, the less impressed I'd be with the bait and switch.