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Lessons Learned - DMXIS with FCB1010

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  • Lessons Learned - DMXIS with FCB1010

    Lessons Learned

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    That seems like a lot of work!!

    I just use the pedals to go down the scene list. Pedal #10 I have set to blackout, with the lights on the band still on.

    Pedal 1 controls the dimmer for the lights on the band
    Pedal 2 controls the smoke machine


    • Red Hawk
      Red Hawk commented
      Editing a comment

      I'm using Blizzard Eclipse, so my information may or may not be relevant to DMXis.


      I found that the only way to really get the FCB1010 to work with any software is to use the editor application that you already have to completely blank-slate the FCB.  Uncheck every box except for the ONE thing you want that particular footswitch to do.  For my Eclipse setup I unchecked every tickbox except one CC signal.  I've found that the less information you send into a piece of software, the easier it is to use the FCB.  Out of the box the FCB is sending like 8 different signals every time you push a footswitch.  Even if you set all of the pedals to note numbers, they still send all of the CC messages as well.  It's a mess.  Luckily, that little FCB1010 editor software makes it pretty easy to delete all of that.

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    Ah. I was confused when you put DMXIS in the title.

    With DMXIS, you plug it in, switch to the midi interface in preferences, and you're good to go.


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      Seems I never have that much trouble with the FCB.
      Haven't connected with DMXis yet through. Used it with almost every piece of MIDI gear I have and its always done just what I asked.
      Stuck in N.D,right now but I need to get my butt back to Idaho and program some presets in for a show in a week. Yes total face palm!
      DON'T BE ALARMED!!! REMAIN CALM!!!!!!!!!
      There's nothing to see here. It's another day in IDAHO!!!

      My bands Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/stiff.richard