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Shure SM87 - Worth it?


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  • Shure SM87 - Worth it?

    Hey people!
    I found a guy selling a Shure SM 87 LC for a really cheap price (around 100
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    And are there Fake 87's too?

    Yes. Many

    One example of a Beta 87 posted here even came packaged with a 1/4" unbalanced cable. The 87 is, of course, a phantom powered mic.


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      I'm assuming you are a singer and not a non-singing sound person.

      I think that whatever microphone sounds best with your voice and works for the stage situations you deal with is well worth it. If you like the sound and you can afford it (and it's not a fake), buy it. All the instrumentalists spend 1 to 5 thousand or more on their rigs, and a singer spending even 600 bucks for a KMS-105 is peanuts compared to this - if it's the best mic for you.


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        I have 2 SM-87's, and they're my favorite vocal mics. I like the sound of them much more than Beta 87's, which are a little bright for my taste.

        I tend not to use my SM-87's with metal or punk bands, but they sound good on almost any voice, male or female.

        If your stage volume is very high and your band is typically on a small stage, you may want to stick with a dynamic mic.


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          The 87 is a really nice mic - and it is what is in my mic stand right now.

          Whether very many people in a bar would notice the change from whatever you are using currently is another question.

          Whether it would sound good with your specific voice is a third question altogether.

          Most of the mics that are "good enough" actually are good enough.
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            I wouldn't use the SM87 in a rock band unless the singer is on in ears.

            It's hard to get the usual ear ripping volumes in the monitors that you can get with a dynamic cardiod


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              First of all, the price screams fake. Most fakes are very poor quality compared with the original. Don't waste your money.

              Secondly, while I like the 87 family, there are quite a few applications where it's not my first or even second choice. There are also some applications where it's a go-to mic.

              If I was looking for the basic vocal mics, I would look a the SM-58 or B-58 first as those are generally better in most situations for pop/rock type music, especially on a louder stage.
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                I have a beta 87-a I bought used from GC for 100 bones. I love the mic.


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                  Well, I think I'll pass then. It might be a fake, it might not work that well in a club, and I already have some good mics, no need to get it.

                  Thanks guys!
                  Good deals with : no fate, IrishWhiplash, narwhal,shreder13, cloudy house, ampman1989