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sennheiser e838... any good?


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  • sennheiser e838... any good?

    hey I was just at the GC and they had e838s on sale for 80 some bucks instead of 139. I have used the e835 and liked it a lot, almost as much as a beta58. How does the e838 compare to a beta58, e835 or SM58? Those are the ones I have experience with. Any help is appreciated

    EDIT:... forgot to mention this would be for a male vocals.. style of music is 60s inspired psychedelic rock, so the vocals would get a good amount of reverb/delay

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    Maybe look around on the serch button check the user reviews. I dunno just throwing you some food for thought.


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      They're GREAT mics. Much better than a SM/Beta58.
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        Good mics, better than SM58 and about as good as the Beta58 IMO. Don't know how they will sound with lots of reverb and delay though. Didn't know there was a style that used lots of these effects...

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          We own one and arwe really pleased with itr for most vocals. I wouldn't recommend itr for a high ended woman vocalist but for mosgt deeper vocoas, they are fantastic. I prefer it over the e 835. Hven't pinned it against an e 945 but I would recommend the e838 microphones for any arsenal.


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