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Carvin anyone?

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  • Carvin anyone?

    I am considering some cheap, powered, SOS for occasional use in less demanding situations. The Alto TS 112 looks good, but the Made in USA Carvin PM series seem equal in price and performance with a 3 year warranty. I know a lot of people, including me, have looked down their noses at Carvin gear and I don't plan on trading in my SRX stuff, but in real practice, how does the Carvin gear hold up compared to similarly priced products? Are there some happy Carvin users out there?

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    Hopefully, the issues with the amplifier modules used in Carvin active cabs have been worked out....


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      Care to elaberate? All Carvin active cabs - specific models?

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    In Carvin's spec sheet it says the amplifier is "full range 400watts", (probably a 200watt rms module). It does not say if it is bi-amplified which is a feature I would want in a powered speaker.  

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      The other big issue (for me) with carvin is If yo do have issues with a piece of gear, only THEY can work on it and you basically have to ship it back if you have any problem. With a Peavey or Yorkville products however, many music stores can often fix the problem in house very quickly with no cost to you. That is a big plus for me anyway...



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    Back in the day, those 802's where pretty damn good.
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      Mutha Goose wrote:
      Back in the day, those 802's where pretty damn good.

      Yah, I thought we had the best sounding rig in the area. We used a pair of 4 ohm CV FH subs under them with a pair of CS800's lit up red  . Only thing we had to do to the 802's was to go to the next size up fuses. We had the processor for them but sometimes ran them flat with a pair of Peavey piezo arrays on top when we needed a little more output.