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  • 3 Years....

    I joined the Harmony Central forums 3 years ago today. In that time I have learned a lot. I have become a better soundman, have a better sound system and have become a saught after lighting provider as a reuslt. I also have a much better understanding on many of the product offerings out there. I have benefitted by both some of the more experienced folks, and by some of the questions/issues of the lesser experienced folks. There are even a few here that I now consider friends. This has become my default resource and 1st stop on the web.

    Hopefully I have helped others here as much as the help I've received, though I doubt it.

    Thank you.

    Now, if only I could have some of those hours back that I spent here... I could certainly use some extra time now-a-days :manwink:

    Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment. -Will Rogershttp://facebook.com/SpitShineRocks

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    Don't doubt it, I have learned alot from you Goose! I value your insights as much as many of our forum veterans.


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      Well happy 3rd HCLSP anniversary to you.


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        Most certainly
        Former product development engineer: Genz Benz, a KMC Music/FMIC/JAM Industries Company, continuing factory level product support and service for Genz Benz

        Currently product development engineer: Mesa Boogie


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          PA Unity15's over LS800p's. YX15's, YX12's IPR power, RM32AI

          LightsMartin Minimac Profiles, Chauvet Intimidator Spot Duos, Blizzard 3NX, Fab5, Hotbox


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            I echo your sentiments Mutha Goose, and it's great to have you as part of the "family". I've been here for six years now, (which I find very hard to believe), and I feel like I'm only getting started. We have a great community here, and I always look forward to "seeing" you all, every day. Heck, I even worry a bit, when I haven't seen some of the regulars around for a while. (btw, has anyone seen Coaster lately??)

            I have a tremendous amount of respect and gratitude for those who tirelessly share their knowledge, as well as their experiences with others. For many of us, our involvement in pro-sound is an evolutionary process, and there's always something new to be learned, or a fresh perspective for looking at things. What makes this community unique however, is a certain level of humanity,,,,,,, the sharing of personal stories and experiences. We all get to know each other a lil' bit better,,, and that's the essence of developing friendships.

            Happy 3rd "anniversary" Mutha Goose,,,,. Cheers..

            Veni, Vidi, Velcro;

            (I came, I saw, I stuck around)


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              Forums like this are most certainly a two way street.  Enjoy my friend.