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  • New church install modeling

    I'm in the process of designing sound and video for a church soon to be constructed.  As you'll see below, EV's EVF speakers with a 90x60 over a 120x60 provide a very smooth coverage.  Trim height is 22' and the ceiling peak is 40'.

    St. Stevens

    3D Model

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    Center cluster


    Good idea and very effective!


    No delayed side fills so you dont have to have the front cluster so hot to cover the back?





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      Hey Bill ... thanks for posting this.  Hopefully readers can see that the answer to the question "What speakers should I use?"  will now see that the answer speakers that can provide the coverage you need.


      Just for giggles (if you have the time) it might be instructive for everyone to see what would happen if you used the same speakers but had Left and Right clusters.

      Don Boomer


      • BillESC
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        Different church and different speakers but here's modeling showing left/right hang vs. center cluster with the same speakers.  I installed the center cluster...


        Proc hang


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      Sometimes, L/R cluster is better for localization reasons alone.
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