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Would you guys take the pursuit of star grounding....


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  • Would you guys take the pursuit of star grounding....

    ... to the point of breaking the common ground wire inside a stereo guitar cab?   I mean, the grounds are common in the (stereo) amp, right?   So two grounds but just three feet of wire?  Could Eric Johnson hear the difference?

    Serious question.

    Terry D.

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    I know guys who have done ground mods on JCM heads but they did it more to improve tube life than for sound

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      I plug it in

      I turn it on

      I play the **** outta it

      Turn it off

      I unplug it

      I go home.

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        Eric Johnson can hear the difference between popcorn machines in the lobby using real butter vs. flavored canola oil.

        Don't worry about that, if you can't hear a hum/buzz you're doing just fine.

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        • Mutha Goose
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          Grounding schemes can have a profound influence on audio charactoristics, especially in a point to point wired amp (like make older amps). But the question is, is it worth the risk and effort to do? 

          The kind of differences you will hear (unless you are fixing a problem), will not be heard by your audience, and will not make a big difference in a live performance. This really is a "if you like it and it improves your experience, go for it" type thing. 

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        A potentially audible difference could be using two wires instead of one shared negative ("ground") wire in the speaker cabinet. But that wouldn't have anything to do with grounding.

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          Unlikely to make a meaningful difference. Star grounding is a concept not a religion. I generally use a modified star ground in my designs.
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            Which speaker are you asking about?
            Don Boomer


            • MrKnobs
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              dboomer wrote:
              Which speaker are you asking about?

              New 2-12" guitar cab.   Was wired mono, I run stereo from a rack mount stereo power amp.   So the question was whether to leave the wire soldering the two jack grounds together or to cut it.   Obviously I had to separate the positive side wires.

              Terry D.