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    Yeah I've brought it down to two speakers, the Yamaha DXR15 and the Electro-Voice ELX115P..


    As of now I have 3 choices for which speakers I would like to buy (not in order) because I would like to become a mobile DJ. Try to ignore the pricing in your final decision.

    1. Mackie SRM-650 1600W 15 HD Powered Loudspeaker (700$) (I think it is like 900 retail, but I found 700 at most placed)
    2. B-52 ACTPRO-1515 Dual 15" Active Loudspeaker (750$)
    3. Gemini GVX-215P Dual 15-Inch Powered Speaker (600$)
    EDIT: 4. Electro-Voice ELX115P (700$)

    Here is what I want out of these speakers, power with clarity. Overall I want the sound to be the best. I want the speakers to be loud. I have one uniform concern with the Dual 15 inch speakers.. Is the bass going to overpower the single tweeter? I like bass, but there's a point where it is too much (overpowering the mids and highs), I've never heard a dual 15" speaker. Would this be a issue?

    My second issue is, how would I elevate the Dual 15".. Would I use a stand? I'm not sure if the B-52 ACTPRO-1515 even has a speaker stand mount under it.

    I love the style of the Mackie SRM-650, and I am interested in all the features it has like the SmartProtect DSP, EQs, Built-Like-A-Tank, HD processing, Driver Time alignment, phase correction, feedback destroyer, etc but I am wondering If I am paying for the features and not the speaker power. However a lot of those features are nice, like the ones helping audio quality etc.

    Heres the SPL ratings for the three:
    1. 133dB Mackie SRM-650
    2. 134dB B-52 ACTPRO-1515
    3. 136dB Gemini GVX-215P
    -Most of those higher ones are probably going to be that high from the bass, which brings me back to the question, is there too much bass?

    Today I sent Mackie this message, "Which speaker is louder, the Mackie HD1521 or the Mackie SRM-650? Also by how much decibels? I noticed that they have a Max SPL rating of 135dB (HD1521) and 133 dB (SRM-650). However I also noticed that the HD1521 only has a measured Max SPL of 125dB, which surprised me because the calculated Max SPL was 135dB, which would be like 2 times louder. So I am wondering if the Max SPL of the SRM-650 is really only like 123 dB. Also does this happen often with other speaker specs as well..? So like if there is another speaker from Brand X would it be just as loud as a speaker that is also rated at 133dB or 135dB? Thanks"
    Which would again bring me to a new question, is there really that much power?

    Overall, I need help deciding which speaker to buy. Again I want the most power with the best sound. I will accept other speaker ideas, just that personally from the research I have done these look to be good.

    Most Important Questions:
    1. What would you personally buy? (ignoring pricing)
    2. From what I said, what would should I buy? (ignore pricing)
    a. If you said the B-52 ACTPRO-1515 how should I elevate it

    Here is where you can find specs for each speaker:
    1. Mackie SRM-650 www.mackie.com

    2. B-52 ACTPRO-1515 www.djgearforless.com

    3. Gemini GVX-215P geminisound.com

    EDIT: 4. Electro-Voice ELX115P http://www.electrovoice.com

    Thanks -Caleb-

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    Welcome to the forums!


    "Only" 125dB? Do you expect to be playing these units that loud?

    Your concerns about a dual-15" are valid. In general, they are to be avoided *except* in cases of the higher-end brands that have very substantial 2"-exit HF horns and drivers that can handle a much lower crossover frequency. Your selection is not one of these.

    My concern is that you haven't told us what your opinion of these choices is, based on your listening tests. You have listened to them, preferably A/B/C in the same room, but at a mimimum separately, right? If not, the best advice is to do so. If there is no venfor nearby enough to test them, then that's another red-flag for a purchase decision...what will you do in the event a mail-ordered speaker needs to be returned for service? If this reduces your choices, then so it should be...you are much better off buying locally (and supporting a local shop) even if it's not necessarily your absolute first choice in speaker. Good and serviceable beats great but non-functioning because 2-way shipping to the vendor costs more than replacement.

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      Ok I have narrowed it down to two options, the Mackie SRM-650 and the Electro-Voice ELX115P. Still not sure which one to choose.


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    Have you considered a 12" unit with seperate subs?

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      Not really, that would be too expensive.