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    Good morning and salutations! If you had two SRX812P's sitting around and had a hankering to get subs for it, would you opt for a double 18" for a reasonable price (one 828P), or two single 18" (818sp) for a not so reasonable price?

    I pretty much know I have to go with the not so reasonable price cause of pole cups. I guess I am trying to find a reason to go with the reasonable price since it's a better price and the same performance, plus I'd have a double 18" if I ever decided to get another double 18". Let's be honest I normally don't do over 200 people so I don't need the double 18. So is my analysis right that it's better to get two single 18" due to pole cups and the fact that I would use them substantially more than the double 18's? No I have not purchased them yet and yes I am going through a reputable dealer.

    And most of the time yes canned music going through them but occasionally I do run solo's and duo's through the system, not that it should really matter too much I'd think.

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    I know the whole "power alley" thing can come into play with separated subs, but not a big fan of an "off center" sub when you only have one. It's tough to center a double 18" when not playing on a raised surface. it looks silly and you need a lot of space in front that many venues just don't give you.
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      Good point Abzurd, No center cluster option for me in ninety some odd percent of the time.


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        I just don't understand the need for two subs. Bass is monaural, and one 18" sub, properly powered, should be more than enough for most applications. I understand your desire for symmetry, but overkill is overkill.
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          Of course the next could argue why a sub at all? I do see your point and small stuff I do occasionally run with just one sub. But the bigger outdoor stuff with over 200 people, the SRX12's make my EV118P sound like a boombox, there is no keeping up. I have read on other forums from users that the SRX12's match nicely with pair of 18"s on outdoor stuff. I also do some rock outdoor camp festival stuff. Last summer with 100 degree heat 100 % humidity those boxes went all day and most of the night, never a hiccup.


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            Ah, well, see, in the OP:
            a) you never mentioned rarely doing shows for over 200 people
            b) you never mentioned using your system OUTDOORS, a very different audio soundscape...

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          I stand corrected! My apologies.


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            I would buy two 18 "subwoofers ...
            It will sound good and look good ....
            There are not many subwoofers


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              Thanks Kalina and Howdy! I'm leaning towards that option. I do use the tilt option on the pole cups which is another reason why it seems I should choose single 18's. Anyone heard these SRX818's live or real world use? Perhaps someone who has other subs as well? Any input appreciated!


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                I often run a mid sized line array system with the subs ground stacked off to one side. Doesn't seem to be an issue. Time alignment can be a bit weird but at those low freqs it's not much of an issue. I'd get the double sub and a single tripod stand but then I almost never shoot for form over function. I guess it depends on your clients (is curb appeal really important?).

                Just my .02
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                  Clients' appeal is not a factor here, I'm small potatoes. Now on the flip side double 18's and a tripod is a solution, also the more reasonably priced 828's which I could add another one next year. But storage, and moving and hauling well that's another issue. Yes I'll opt for casters on these but still that's a BIG box to haul around. So still up in the air on this......Thanks for the input Dogoth