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I need help choosing an MPC sampler. Anyone? Buehler?


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  • I need help choosing an MPC sampler. Anyone? Buehler?

    I'm in the market for a hardware sampler. I don't know much about the MPC's that are out there, but I'm looking for one that's around $400-500 used. I don't need the latest and greatest nor do I need a ton of features. All I'll be doing with it is mostly making drum tracks for my recordings. What are the key things to consider when purchasing a sampler?

    I've heard that the Akai's are good because their sequencing gives a really good live feel. The ones that I've played around with in Guitar Center were awesome. All I need really are some recommendations in the $400-700 price range along with some idea of what features I should consider or what the more expensive models have to offer. Thanks in advance for the help.
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    New, you're probably looking at a Korg ESX-1/ES-1mkII, Roland SP-404 or MPC 500 for your price range.

    You should be able to find a used MPC1000 in your range. You can also find some of the other Roland sampling-grooveboxes in that range used.

    You should think about how you are going to program your rhythms: by tapping in beats (SP-404/MPC) or by grid/XOX programming (Korg and MPC tho' I've heard that it's kind of painful on the MPC).

    Are you going to want to sequence whole songs from beginning to end? If so, the SP-404 will probably not be for you. The MPC is very flexible for this.

    Are you going to do drums only and what kind? If you are just trying to do "realistic" sounding drums, you may also want to look a drum machines as well. Samplers will of course give you exactly what you want to put into it and you can do more than just drums.
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      yeah if you've got external keys or paddery + an external sequencer already (sayyyyy... something in your compupu perhaps), then just get a rackmount akai S-series.

      otherwise, in your realm of monies there isn't a lot of akai optionery - maybe you could pick up an older MPC2000 (non xl), if you don't mind recording samples straight into the machine instead of transferring...

      like angst said, the 1k will do you nicely, and the USB sample loading is especially nice, buttt it might be out of your pricerange slightly, even used.

      damn, i remember when those things were 700 bucks new, right after they came out! they jumped the price up like 2 months after they came on the market...



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        I would try to get an MPC2000, that would be your best bet.


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          stay away from the mpc2000, stick with the 2000xl on up, but your budget might have to stretch a little.
          Mpc500 (never used it at all)

          may find themselves in your hands provided you find a good deal and pony up what's needed.
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            (sayyyyy... something in your compupu perhaps)
            Thanks for making my disappointing morning a bit brighter.


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              definitely the 2000xl...
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                You might be able to grab a used MPC1000 and the JJ OS {Tony Scharf's nuts about it} and not stretch too far past your budget's upper limits.


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                  The MPC-1000 is a nice choice but usually tops out at $650 - $700. I really liked mine when I had it. It will do the job and is more modern than a 2000xl and more portable.
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                    http://cgi.ebay.com/Akai-MPC-1000-MPC1000-Drum-Machine-Production-Sampler_W0QQitemZ280100765528QQihZ018QQcategoryZ38 070QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

                    It's definitely doable. Save for a little longer, and you're laughing.

                    Ensoniq's ASR-X Pro has its draws, too, but I don't think I'd recommend it to anyone, these days. So many headaches.


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                      As long as you don't use the internal sequencer of the ASR-X/Pro, it's a fan-****************ing-tastic sampler. Sounds crunchy, hot and raw.


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                        ...but then you're ignoring the requirements "MPC" implies.

                        An E-Mu command station and an ASR-10, though...