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    (Apologies if this is in the wrong forum!)

    Essentially, my plan is to use a floor controller of some description to play addition keyboard notes for my covers band in which I play guitar. Example, the piano notes in Rolling In The Deep by Adele and a string pad in section in You Got The Love by Florence And The Machine (ok, I know its not her song, but you get the idea). I thought about a PK5 but they are quite expensive still sadly.

    So, my plan is this:

    Floor controller > Midi converter to USB > Laptop > software > PA system

    Currently, I have a decent Dell Laptop with a UX2 Line 6 sound card.

    Questions are:

    Will a Behringer FCB1010 be suitable for this application? Im not sure if they are momentary switches or not on it so I dont know if I held the button down, it would it hold a string pad style sound or not?

    What software would be suitable for this? I just need keyboard sounds rather than a sequencer as I think that would make it complicated.

    Cost is a factor in this as Im pretty skint but any thoughts/suggestions would be welcome!

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    The switches on the 1010 only send midi commands when you tap them although I 'think' you can make them toggle between two commands. Basically, at best you'd have to press a switch once for note on and again for note off. Not very intuitive.

    You need something like a Roland PK5A although to use a pedal board like that you really need to be sitting down so that your leg can swing.

    If you are standing, one leg is going to be pretty tired after using a pedal board. Try standing on one leg, hold the other out in front slightly and play. See how long you last.
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      You can configure the FCB to hold and sustain a note after stepping on one of the pedals. So you can walk away from it after you trigger the note to sustain.

      Of course, you can also make it so that it stops sounding as soon you step off the pedal. Your choice.

      However, it can only send one MIDI note-on command at a time. So if you want to play chords or trigger riffs, you're going to have to set that all up on the software side. In this case, you'd just use the FCB to turn a chord or riff on then off.

      Just be aware it will take a fair amount of technical programming, on both the FCB and software synth side.

      It is fun, though, once done. Nice to have Taurus pedal functionality for around $100 =) And don't forget all the other things the FCB can do (two volume/expression pedals, FX pedal stompbox controller, two momentary switches for amps with switch input). Check out the Yahoo user forums for the FCB. You'll find them heavily biased towards guitarists who use it as a stompbox, but you should be able to find a few posts on setting it up as a musical foot controller as well. HTH


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        Line 6 POD HD500 can send note messages from its footswitches.


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          i use the soft step pedal from Ken Mcwhitten-it allows you to assign multiple notes to any of its touchsensitive buttons.
          pretty cool device.
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