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iPad for live VST hosting?


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  • iPad for live VST hosting?

    I tried searching the forums, but couldn't find anything specific - if I missed something, I would love a link to a previous thread!

    As the title states, i am looking for suggestions for a good hardware/software combo to use in a live situation. The iPad will be hosting some VSTs and hopefully playing backing tracks. I've been considering the Alesis ioDock, but have heard less than stellar reviews about its MIDI latency. Also, I don't really know of any other apps that would allow me to do this. I have GarageBand installed, but I don't think it will host the VSTs I would like to use.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
    spacey and melodic guitar experiments: www.myspace.com/goawaysnow

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    NOTE: iPads do NOT host VST.

    Whatever instrument you may want to use, needs to be programmed specifically for the iPad and sold throughout the iTunes APP STORE.

    And... "MIDI LATENCY"? Whatever latency you may have while playing an iPad instrument is NOT dependable on the hardware you are using. It is because of how well programmed is the software and how powerful your iPad is (1, 2 or 3rd gen).


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      Well, sir, thanks for the answer!

      I will likely relinquish to using the MacBook pro live, that seems about like my best option!
      spacey and melodic guitar experiments: www.myspace.com/goawaysnow


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        Not to say you should leave these great forums, but I see a lot more iphone/ipad/android music discussion over at KVR forums.

        I'm interested in this myself. I've dabbled with laptops live (windows and mac) and I can't bring myself to trust them....some goofy USB error at the wrong time and you are not going to be a good position to troubleshoot. Not to mention drunk patrons and the fact that it's a bit more fiddly to set up.

        I think for a long time I will have a hardware synth regardless as a backup, even if it's just used as a controller for the computer/ipad.

        My buddy has hardware synths but supplements them with an ipad. I believe he uses the camera connection kit and theres very little latency. One thing he does not like is that it does not charge the ipad, so you need an extra cable (or take a chance that you won't run out).