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Roland VK7 keyboard problem


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  • Roland VK7 keyboard problem


    My VK7 has been unused for a few months, sitting in its case, stored on its end or back, and not subject to any tempurature extremes. When I pulled it out last night (to test out a new tube preamp), several of the keys seemed to be stuck together, in pairs. Working at them a bit most came free but a few remained together.

    Today I have removed the back to inspect the keyboard and a gooey red substance seems to have leaked internally and caused the keys to stick to one another. It doesn't look like it entered the keyboard from above, such as if something had been spilt.

    Anyone have any idea whats going on? I can clean the excess goo off but having never seen anything like this before, I would like to know what this stuff is, what its function is, how can I avoid this in future, and is my keyboard likely to be permanently damaged?

    Many thanks,
    John Tweed

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    Hi Jaged,

    Unfortunately, you're gonna want to have that guy looked at by a Roland service center. Not sure what it could be-- The internal battery wouldn't leak that much goo... Hmm... Does it operate normally otherwise?

    To find the nearest service center, go here.


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      Yeah, go to Roland. I've never heard of that! I know when battery acid leaked in an old Casio, it turned a lot of stuff inside orange...but I don't recall a goo
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        Thanks for the replies so far. Since posting my first message I cleaned the gunk out where it was affecting things, put it all back together and it's working fine.

        I managed to get a picture (not a good one) on my webcam. The redish gunk can be seen around the metal plate directly under the keyboard (upside down in the pic). On a couple of keys in the pic it seems to have leaked onto the key post.

        Past experience suggests that it won't be cheap if I truck it off to the local repair centre, so since it is working, I'd like to get some idea before I go down that path.



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          Did you ever figure out what this was? My vk7 has done this exact same thing. Had it stored for a few months and when i pullednit out, this red crap is all in the keys. Was just thinking about pulling it apart and cleaning it up.