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  • Oscilloscope program?

    Can anyone reccomend me a good oscilloscpoe program for tuning my future retro?  The scale is off and it's driving me CRAZY!

    WTB: Allen & Heath Xone VF-1 Filter

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    I find your ear to be far more discriminating for setting scale than an oscilloscope or a tuner. I set scale by tuning a static oscillator to the same exact pitch, then play a couple of octaves away and adjust the scale, retune, and iterate.

    Once it is fairly in tune across a couple of octaves, fine tune the scaling by moving to 4 or 5 octave intervals. You can tell by the beating (or lack thereof) when things are good. 

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      I'm really having a lot of trouble with this.  It seems as soon as i adjust one octave to match the static note, the previous one gets off.  When I get a couple near eachother close, the third or fourth are way off, I can't seem to find any kind of balance and I don't know what to do.