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  • guitar amp for vintage keys


    I was watching a gear vid recently where the keys player (can't recall the gear or player offhand) showed that he was using a Vox AC15 (!)  He claimed to prefer "tubes"; he did dial up a bit of overdrive but mostly it was clean.

    So I was wondering if anyone here had experience doing this.  I'd think it might work well for EPs and clavs, not sure for b3 sounds (?) and not well at all for Acoustic Pianos, strings, synths (basically everything else) due to limited frequency range.  My main board now is a pc361 so if the above were true I suppose I'd have to route some sounds out the other outputs (and on to the amp) while others didn't...too much hassle.  But i confess it had me interested since I'm a wannabe guitarist who otherwise really can't justify a tube amp

    Just to clarify, if I ever did do this it would be for live use.  (Chances are I never would but I'm curious if anyone else has done so).

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    really depends. my bogner is open back, large cabinet for a 12" driver, with nice EQ. I like to plug in my keyboard to it. Tried the same with a Peavey, sounded horrible. Few factors, the gain signal, speakers, cabinet type etc...

    My favourite is hartke 15" bass amp. I've never been impressed with any keyboard amp


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      I tried out my little Vox Pathfinder (15w solid state guitar amp).  Indeed the EPs sounded pretty good and the pianos dull as expected, well ok considering it's got an 8" speaker in it.   I haven't had a keys amp for a long time, been using a "factory-direct" mackie-sm450-type PA speaker and it's...ok....sometimes I don't use anything, just the PA monitors, so it's a bit hard for a part-timer like me stepping up to something like a QSC k10.  I'm almost afraid to try one out as I might see what I've been missing

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    I use a Blues Junior for my wurlitzer. I'm happy. Allright, I don't get the thick, full Sound that a 12" would deliver. But the Sound I get suits my jazz well.

    On the other hand, I can actually get around. This thursday I'm picking up a used pram for taking my stuff by foot, train and bus. With a slight modification, everything should fit in nicely.
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      Blues Jr is a nifty little amp. Specs I find say it has a 12" speaker, but it doesn't sound like it to me.

      In any case, a Wurli isn't a bass beast, and should sound great in a Blues Jr. I don't think I'd want to carry the Wurli without a car, though.