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  • Roland G6 sequencing

    So I've had a Roland G6 sitting in the corner for a couple of years now and haven't touched it. To start with let me say that I am a guitarist that mainly uses keys as a different approach to writing.

    As far as keyboard knowledge goes, I sequenced a Korg M1 when it came out decades ago, it was a piece of cake sequencing. But then I bought a Korg Karma a few years back and forget it! I just couldn't get a grasp on it  so sold it.

    So how is the learning curve with the G6 sequencer compared to the two boards I mentioned above?

    Thanks for your help.



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    It's hardcore, but it's also the best hardware sequencer found in any keyboard workstation by far.

    The trick is to remember that you must choose a part first (16 internal, 16 external, or an ARX part, if one or more boards are installed), THEN you choose the MIDI track (128 to choose from). This means you can record the left and right hands to different tracks, each drum sound within a kit to its own track, or even multiple lanes of automation.

    On most other workstations, the parts are tied to the tracks, and are generally limited to 16 each. Simple, but not very powerful or effective if you expect to accomplish finished music production in the box.

    Also note that on top of the 128 MIDI tracks, you have 24 tracks of audio with realtime timestretch. The Fantom-G's sequencer is INSANE.




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      Thanks for your help! From what I understand I can even record all of my vocals? I wonder what they would end up sounding like? I mean can you produce even vocals on this board for final product?