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  • Expanded metal grill

    I'm planning on changing the speaker on my Valveking and while Im at it Im gonna go ahead and take off the cloth grill and replace it with a painted expanded metal grill. Does anyone have any experience doing this? Whats the best installation method? and did you notice a difference in sound?
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    I've built many such cabs with metal grills.

    There is no sonic benifits. The main drawback of metal grills

    is they can be dented and your speakers get dusty.

    They can also have problems with the metal vibrating.

    If the cabs designed for a cloth grill, I suggest sticking with it.

    The dome type covers are for front mount speakers.

    If you're building a new cab you can buy the dome type

    here along with the mounting hardware. http://www.parts-express.com/cat/ste...ker-grills/323


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      what WRGMC said, of course putting a metal grill behind cloth gives the best of both worlds; bullet proof strength and dust proof with less vibration.

      remember to get flattened mesh and powder coat works great on steel!


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        I've got one of those old Jackson made by Laney cabs with the metal grill, thinking of putting cloth behind it, thanks for the idea bro!

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      Thanks for the replies, I'm thinking about about doing the same thing.

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