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Gaming keyboard with macro keys for DAW control?

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  • Gaming keyboard with macro keys for DAW control?

    Posted this query over at the Reaper forums but it is doing a lead balloon. Does anyone use gaming keyboards with macro keys for controlling their DAW? Seems in theory to be a good way of executing common commands but is an expensive gamble for something that may not work.

    After the better part of a decade of faithful service, my old Saitek backlit keyboard is no longer working consistently. My requirements in a replacement are fairly meager:
    -Full-size w/number pad
    -Media keys for transport control

    While searching for replacement options, I have become intrigued by gaming keyboards with extra rows of macro keys.

    I really wish I had snagged the above model last month when Best Buy was blowing them out at $40 to anyone with a .edu email address. At it's current price, I am not sure it is worth 4x the cost of something cheap and cheerful like this:

    Similarly, is there any benefit to upgrading to one of those multi-button gaming mice in regards to triggering macros within a DAW?


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    Hey Mate, I use the Razer Nostromo and cant work without it! I use it as an accessory to a regular keyboard, but I find now that my hand hardly leaves the controller when editing! Its nice and comfortable resting my hand on it too. Check out this article I wrote about it:




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      Wow - that's a cool and interesting article. Thanks for posting the link Craig.

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