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3 tracks with a Zoom h4n


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  • 3 tracks with a Zoom h4n

    I put the Zoom on a stand over the drum kit, one mic facing down, one up at the kit. mixed guitar and bass together. A 3 track recording.. not too bad result. a little EQ, verb. I love that little Zoom for combat stealth recording



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    Wow, that turned out really good Kelly! Nice playing all the way around too.


    What amp are you using?


    Here, let me embed the video so everyone can check it out easier...



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      Thanks Phil! The playing a little loose though, you're too kind...

      It was sort of an afterthought to set up the zoom and two cheap cameras. You can see the zoom over the drum set. The inboard xy mics were the only thing for the drums. E609 on guitar, bass DI out. 58 for vocal(non here of course). So, this is 3 tracks only. I used the zoom vertically and pointed one mic at the kick, one at everything else. In post I HPF the overhead side and LPF the bass drum. Eq, comp and a touch of verb. Not bad. Sometimes when I try it doesn't come out this nicely!

      Guitar and bass mixed together was tricky. I didn't listen to the mix, just watched the meters. I figured if the bass was about 40% and guitar 60% I could always jack up the bass eq if it was low without adversely affecting the guitar...or vice versa if it was out of balance the other way.

      Little peavey 4 channel mixer. Used the monitor send to mix those together. A vocal went to track 4 on the Zoom. When there is time I'll post one of those.

      My only disclaimer was the video quality. Backlit cheap cameras and a guess at how to frame the shots made for footage that was less than expected...but still fun.

      I imported the footage into final cut, mixed the audio and replaced the camera audio. I tried some zooming in to the static shots to achieve a multicam look. It was an experiment in editing and sync. I also thought it of value to illustrate how simple can still achieve results.