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Apollo won't switch inputs via Software console....


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  • Apollo won't switch inputs via Software console....


      I'm new here and am on a Mac Pro using OS X 10.6.8. I have the full Apollo hardware and am running it through Logic Pro 9 (not yet through thunderbolt). 

    The problem is - I cannot get the Apollo software console to switch inputs via its console. I have to get up and go to the Apollo hardware and manually press the preamp button to get the inout to switch.

    I think I've been told before that clicking on the preamp button on the console toggles it on/off.  If so, that is not working. Am I missing something super obvious here?

    I appreciate any tips on this and any help,


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    I am not an Apollo owner, so unfortunately I can't offer any specific advice, but I do have a couple of suggestions. Have you tried the UA forums? That's probably the first place I'd check for help - you'll find a higher percentage of Apollo users on their forums than you will here.

    However, Craig Anderton did a Pro Review of the Universal Audio Apollo here on HC, and it's a 15 page gold mine of info on the unit - from Craig, UA, and other interested parties. I can't guarantee you'll find an answer to your specific issue, but I think you'll probably find it entertaining and informative.



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      Doesn't really turn the preamp off, but you can toggle mic/line button, When a 1/4 inch plug is insereted it will switch to Hi-Z.

      You can access the documentation froum the UAD meter dropdown, under help.


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        Unless you mean the green dot, on the preamp volume knob.

        It's just an indicator, showing what is selected by the multifunction hardware knob.

        All controls still funtion in the Console app, even if not selected on the hardware.