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Recording Stereo to Tascam Portastudio 424mkiii


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  • Recording Stereo to Tascam Portastudio 424mkiii


    Im trying to record a stereo master mix onto a Tascam Portastudio 424mkiii. Im running the stereo mix into the stereo inputs 7 & 8 of the tascam using Dual 1/4 in TS jacks. When I play the DAW source into the tascam I can hear a great stereo output through my headphones from the tascam. So far so good. However I cannot for the life of me work out how to record this to tape and still keep it in stereo and not mono.

    I'm really new to the portastudio so this maybe be something fairly simple, apologies! but any help as to how to select the correct audio channels, panning etc. would be much appreciated.


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    Two words:


    Pan pots.


    Pan the pan pots for inputs 7 and 8 hard left and right, then re-record it. The routing on most Portastudios is dependent on the pan positions - just because you've routed an input to a specific pair of tracks doesn't mean the job's done - if you want to isolate it to just one track or the other, you have to do it with the pan pots - otherwise, if the pan pot is in the centered position, it will record the signal to both tracks (7/8) in equal amounts, resulting in a mono recording.

    Please give that a try, and let us know if it works for you. If not, we'll try something else - but my bet is that this will solve your issue.





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