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  • YouTube fun 4 songwriting demos

    I've been making these little YouTube videos for songwriting demos and thought I'd share. Not really videos, but a means of sharing a song that seems to travel a bit better than some SoundClick stream. I've been doing this over at Blue's Songwriting forum for feedback. It seems like a pretty efficient way to get my songs heard by publishers, etc. These are only songwriting demos. Midi drums, just me singing, etc. Not worked up productions by any stretch. But having the scrolling lyric component, as simple as it is... well, I'm kinda digging the youtube fun. And its effective way of communicating a song idea.

    Jeff's videos got me thinking. I'm done being an artist personally, but writing? Not done... So, no where near the kind of work a proper video takes, 1/2 hour in iMovie putting text to your music seems like kind of a cool way to share...

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