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Dave Grohl rescues Neve console from Sound City.


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  • Dave Grohl rescues Neve console from Sound City.

    There's a documentary out, directed by Dave grohl (I think it's called Sound City) which is mostly about "Sound City" studio, but eventually works into the story about how he bought and restored this piece of history considering all the famous albums cut from this board. (including Nirvana)

    I highly recommend this documentary if you love to see the behind the scenes of rock and roll history. I wish that I could be hangin' out in the studio with these guys and all that awesome gear.


    Hey there's even an album, out.

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    I think Jeff started a thread on this about three months ago or so.  But yeah, it's a cool movie.  I think hanging out with those guys, gear or no, seems like it would be a really cool thing.

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      The most amazing thing about that movie is that it was playing on a transatlantic flight!! So I got to see it. Very cool flick about a very interesting place that spawned a lot of hits.