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For Sale - 1970's Epiphone EC-25 Classical MIJ


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  • For Sale - 1970's Epiphone EC-25 Classical MIJ

    Made in Japan. Early to mid 70's. Just had it down to the shop for a setup and new strings. Cedar Top, Rosewood Back and Sides, Mahogany neck. It's a nice sounding guitar. (It's just that I'm more of an electric guy.) Tuners are a little stiff, probably some WD-40 would take care of that. Played it this afternoon and it stays in tune nicely. Cosmetically it's really nice for it's age - it has the usual little indentations you can't see unless you are a foot away, and two dings through to the wood on the back, but they are very tiny.

    Original case included - it's in decent shape for around 40 years old. One of the latches is newer, and the other three could be replaced.

    Thanks for looking - send me a PM with a reasonable offer if it looks like something you're interested in.

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    Pm headed your way.
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