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  1. Howdy, Welcome to the forum. Pic would really help, I might be interested. Are you looking for any trades ? Have a great day Bill
  2. I agree !! Getting very tired of all the spam ads popping up. Mods need to do there job and delete this crap
  3. Dang....... Sure wish I wasnt broke........ Bryan is a great guy to deal with.... no worries !! Good luck with your sale Bill
  4. Howdy, You open to any trades ? Thanks Bill
  5. FWIW.... I know Kats45 from another guitar forum and no worries from this member. Good luck with your sale ! Bill
  6. Give us an idea of what you want for it. No one likes a guessing game. Thanks
  7. What kind of a trade value are you placing on the Tokai ? What type of trades are you interested in ? Thanks Bill
  8. Jack is a great guy to deal with. Good luck with your sale Bill
  9. Good Morning, Are you open to any trades ? If so, what type ? Thanks Bill
  10. bobinthewater wrote: Selling both of these, both have solid spruce tops. The Epi pr350s is older, late 80's I believe. Real good sound, no surprises, some marks on it, but real good action. Asking 140.00. Also selling a nice Hohner HW640, solid spruce and maple. This did real good in the under 500.00 acoustic guitar magazine test a while back. Basically like-new. Pretty darn loud and deep sounding. Asking 140.00. I have pics- just send me a message with your email, please. Thanks...
  11. What are you asking in price and trade value ? What trades are you interested in ? Thanks ! Bill
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