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  1. Howdy, Welcome to the forum. Pic would really help, I might be interested. Are you looking for any trades ? Have a great day Bill
  2. I agree !! Getting very tired of all the spam ads popping up. Mods need to do there job and delete this crap
  3. Dang....... Sure wish I wasnt broke........ Bryan is a great guy to deal with.... no worries !! Good luck with your sale Bill
  4. Howdy, You open to any trades ? Thanks Bill
  5. FWIW.... I know Kats45 from another guitar forum and no worries from this member. Good luck with your sale ! Bill
  6. Give us an idea of what you want for it. No one likes a guessing game. Thanks
  7. What kind of a trade value are you placing on the Tokai ? What type of trades are you interested in ? Thanks Bill
  8. Jack is a great guy to deal with. Good luck with your sale Bill
  9. Good Morning, Are you open to any trades ? If so, what type ? Thanks Bill
  10. bobinthewater wrote: Selling both of these, both have solid spruce tops. The Epi pr350s is older, late 80's I believe. Real good sound, no surprises, some marks on it, but real good action. Asking 140.00. Also selling a nice Hohner HW640, solid spruce and maple. This did real good in the under 500.00 acoustic guitar magazine test a while back. Basically like-new. Pretty darn loud and deep sounding. Asking 140.00. I have pics- just send me a message with your email, please. Thanks...
  11. What are you asking in price and trade value ? What trades are you interested in ? Thanks ! Bill
  12. Howdy, I am fixing up an old hollowbody electric for my grandson. I am looking for a good used set of humbuckers for the neck and bridge. Looking for a vintage sound that will work good for strumming and some picking classic country. Funds are very tight for this project, so price must be for a poor broke old man Would really like a covered set, but like they say...beggers cant be choosey Thanks for looking Bill
  13. Howdy, What are you placing the trade value at ? I might have a solid body electric to offer up. Thanks Bill
  14. Howdy, Looking for a good 10" 8ohm speaker for an old 25 watt amp that I am trying to fix up. Funds are super tight, so must be priced right Thanks Merry Christmas Bill
  15. Someone needs to grab this neck, if I had the extra funds I,d jump on it. Lonnie99 is a GREAT guy to deal with. One of the good guys !
  16. What type of electric are you looking for ? Strat style, Tele style ect. Plus..what type of a trade value are you placing on your acoustic. Might have something to offer up if I know these values. Thanks
  17. SOLD to theflyingalamo !!!!
  18. What type of humbucker are you looking for? What do you plan to match it with? Thx! Looking for something with a nice mellow kinda bluesy tone. It will be going into an old archtop with a 1 pickup system. Thanks for the post Bill
  19. Howdy theflyingalamo, Thanks for the post. Yes I could be talked into selling them. I will shoot you a pm and we can talk more. Yes the leads can be fixed no problem. Just add wire to the desired length where they are cut. Have a great day Bill
  20. SOLD to theflyingalamo !!!! Howdy, I have a set of Bill Lawrence Keystones for a Telecaster. I picked these up but never had a chance to use them. They are used but work and sound great. The guy I picked them up from, cut the wires short, they are approx 4" long. I would like to trade this set for 1 Humbucker for the neck position. I would prefer a covered pickup, but thats not a deal breaker. Thanks for looking Bill ' alt='>'> ' alt='>'>
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