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And the WORSE drummer is....... ?

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    Are people actually responding to this? It's six years old.

    That explains why Meg wasn't mentioned until the last page...


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      I can't believe bass players keep letting you people out of cars.
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        Hey ShSSShh. That saved my life one time. And there was a Mcdonalds across the street. Can you imagine the irony?
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          Ringo : I think he was a good one, great sound, good sense of rythm,
          nice mustache.

          Bill ward...pretty crap, but that guy said the truth..he's got much heart than anyone else ....still crap, lovely guy

          Pretty sure about Charlie Watts, I guess he just chose the wrong job,
          he plays like a clerk on holiday..and he looks like that too!

          Mike Portnoy, quite a lot of technique, but ''0'' style

          Joy Jordison, just flat


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            God damn it Neil! How do you find time to be online and touring with Rush? Always starting ****************!
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              A couple things...

              1. Holy Re-Resurrected Thread Batman!!

              2. I posted in this thread almost 2 years ago!!

              3. I never noticed there was another guy from my city on here, Pconn, wherefore art thou?
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                #1......no kidding!
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                  Bill Ward is one of the greatest drummers who ever walked the earth.
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                    the guys from anti-flag or weezer
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                      Sonofabitch this thread did not need to be brought back from the dead!
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                        the guys from anti-flag or weezer

                        JOSH FREESE?!?!?
                        Music, music, I hear music


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                          Wow zombie thread...

                          I guess my silver lining is that if someone thinks Patrick Wilson (Weezer) is THE worst drummer, then at least I know who the "worst judge of drumming ability" is.

                          Seriously? He's not a chops-a-holic by any stretch, but the guy can at least play.
                          Way worse drummers on the planet by far.
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                            I responded almost ten years ago on page one....man, I sounded so ANGRY. It's funny, I wouldn't respond the same way today. Well, depends

                            I am growing up on this board and becoming a mature adult!!
                            Don't believe anything you hear and half of what you read.

                            "My approach to odd times is no different from anyone else who can play it. I just sub-divide it in to groups of two and three based on what I heard other people do in the past"....... someone from the crowd yells: Do it !!! .........."Ok, I'll do it!"

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                              spambot revival.................

                              ^^^^new bandname^^^haha.........
                              Jack of all trades....Master of none...


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                                It's the thread that wouldn't die...

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