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And the WORSE drummer is....... ?


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    Originally posted by agogobill:
    goodness had nuthing to dew with it ... hey, that shud be "thred", should it knot?

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      One should understand that anyone from the Rolling Stones would be one of the worst musicians in the world.

      Sorry, but I call 'em as I see 'em.


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        I love it when someone who abviously knows nothing about drummers knocks those that are in all likelihood 10 times better than he (or she) is

        it's almost always a drummer who thinks he is great becasue plays LOTS of fills, never quite comprehending or realizing that he can't keep a beat, can't come with an interesting drum part on his own (too busy playing along with CD's of others) his tempo is erratic and all over the place, he has no feel, andthat the fills he's so proud of are unoriginal, uncalled for, and/or performed BADLY, with no sense of power or fluidity

        Ringo and Watts have never been my favorite drummers style-wise, but they certainly have a great feel, know when and when not to play, and have been a rock on which their bandmates could create some great music

        what have you done lately, "Neil"?

        (btw, listen to Rain or She Said, She Said -- to name just a few -- and try telling me wiht a straight face that Ringo wasn't just a pretty damn fine drummer who came up with some great ideas and played what needed to be played to make the song the best it could be, but could also play some GREAT drums when the song called for it)


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          When you record a better album than Paranoid and Master of Reality by Sabbath, then you can trash Bill Ward. Until then, go **************** yourself.


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            Talk about digging up a dead thread...
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              Some music doesn't call for complex drumming like in other music.

              Those drummers playing in those bands may be better than it seems in the music they play. People, don't judge before knowing.
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                Originally posted by agogobill
                wow! youse guys must be soooo good ... let us know what recordings you're on so that we can listen to what some real top-of-the-line pros sound like.

                Almost NONe of the drummers let themselves be heared, are this all pussy's? And not really this topic, but just make a topic "he check this rhytm I just played" or someting. Would be very interesting, chatting about drums is 1 thing. Hearing is more interesting.
                I'd have to guess that the worst drummer is the one so busy looking for the worst drummer he isn't practicing himself.
                If you hadn't said this I'd say it

                And Lil drummer is right. A lot of music just doesn't need complex drum patterns. I think a technical good drummer that's doesn't show off for the goodness of the song is a better drummer than someone who's just making fills after every 2 measures.
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                  [QUOTE=downinthethird;70092]It's Charlie, by the way.

                  No...he has always called himself "Charly". Look it up.


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                    You signed on to correct a 6 year old post? Just kidding.
                    Who are those guys anyway? Bill and Simms are the only names I recognize.
                    Funny somebody named Neil Peart started this. Neil is the worst worlds greatest rock drummer.
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                      Holy Useless Resurrected Thread Batman!!!!!
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                        the worst drummer is a guitar player


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                          CHARLY WATTS... THE ROLLING STONES....


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                            ... so you own three mp3's, one of a guy listening to the name of Charly Watts, a bloke I never heard of or did you mean Charlie Chaplin or James Watt, a Scottish inventor and engineer whose improvements to the steamhammer BD pedal were fundamental? One of the Rolling Stones, and a guy who is better then the first two


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                              Holy Useless Resurrected Thread Batman!!!!!

                              this thread is like Britney's career, put it out of it's misery


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                                My God, this is old.

                                Really, the only drummer I'd call a bad drummer is one who isn't playing the right part for the song.

                                I can't resist replying to the (er, five year old) Tre Cool comment... it's pretty hard to play constant eighth notes on the hats/ride at the tempo that a lot of Green Day songs are at, song after song, with a solid tempo.