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Drum heads Pearl Birch (from the 80's)


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  • Drum heads Pearl Birch (from the 80's)

    I have in my possession a Pearl Birch series 7 piece kit, I think its from the 80's.  It's been played pretty hard and is in need of some TLC, which I plan to do over the next little while.  First up is replacing all the heads.  This is my first issue.  I am a guitarist, not a drummer so I know what type of guitar strings I prefer, but I'm rolling dice while looking at drum heads.

    The snare drum is a metal shell with the ?floating lugs? (ie. they are not attached to the shell), the rest of the drums are of various sizes with all birch shells.

    Can anyone recommend where to start in selecting the right heads (other than the obvious get the right size)?  I expect I'll be playing alot of alternative rock/classic rock, but maybe some funk as well if that is relevant.



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    I use clear Pinstripe batters, clear Ambassador bottoms. They boom good. .

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      A good medium-weight head should be just fine, regardless of the manufacturer (Remo, Evans, Aquarian). You'll need to determine if you want coated or clear heads; coated heads are noted for a little bit of natural muffle and a "warmer" sound, while clear tend to give a little more attack and resonance.

      Birch drums have great attack, so a medium weight head should stand up to things fine. This would be the Remo Ambassador weight, Evans G2... not sure of the Aquarian equivalent.

      Personally, I would put clear Evans G2s on the tom batters (striking side) and clear G1 on the resonant side. A lighter resonant head provides more resonance and a less choked sound. Remember, you can always add muffling (moon gel, tape, etc), but you can't reduce it from an already muffled head.

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