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Tony Williams?

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  • Tony Williams?


    Can anyone explain what Tony Williams is doing here please? Sounds like snare + hi-hat but I am not a drummer.





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    Any spot in particular? Intro is brushes on snare which soon changes to standard (Tony not withstanding) bop.

    In his way you get linear combinations (analogous to arpeggios) between snare, kick drum, hats, and ride integrated into the standard jazz bop groove. Tony Williams is the first I know of to do this to the extreme of simultaneous contrapuntal figures.

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    • kr236rk
      kr236rk commented
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      Thanks. It's great - on the recorded version it sounds like hi-hat and snare but using the brush on the hat as well, but not being a drummer I would not have picked up on the finer detail of the playing. So that's a definite 'be bop' style of percussion?

      I have electronic drums but they all fall down on the wire brush plus my hi hat effect is negligiable - in fact I don't use it. Have been considering for ages mic-ing up an 'analogue' snare, brushes + hi-hat.

      One day.

      Thanks again