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Gibraltar G Plus pedal


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  • Gibraltar G Plus pedal

    anybody seen this thing? Looks pretty awesome. Not much info out there on it, though.

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    I has Gibby pedals. They more or less work as promised. Guessing from the looks of this one, - precision feel. Like a luxury car, no squeeks, rattles, or straining engine effects. None of the demos have anybody stomping on one. Maybe people might notice it's a kick pedal?


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    G-plus is a thick (12 mil) single ply head from Evans.


    I've got a Gibby Avenger II double pedal. It's OK, I guess. Definitely my least favorite of my various pedals. It has a tendency to pivot all around the bass drum hoop -- even when it's flat on the ground... on carpet... with spikes... and velcro. The slave tends to walk a bit too.

    Usually I'd claim "operator error" but my DW and IC pedals don't exhibit the same behavior. Of course, they were twice the price.

    Now the Gibby hi-hat stand I've hat for 20 years and still use on my practice kit... now that was quite a steal. Smooth, stable, reliable.



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