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  • Bass setup Help!

    I have a new 4 string schecter jazz bass and want to get it set up because I play in drop Tunings like drop C and Drop D. I mostly play in drop C. What tuning should I get my bass setup in?

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    Whichever tuning you're going to use most, in your case drop C. You can do your own setup if you're patient and reasonably handy; there are YouTube videos and other resources to show you how, and plenty of help right here. The primary thing with downtuning will be relief. Normally a bass neck should have zero or nearly zero relief. Downtuning requires less tension from the truss rod so you may have to tweak it. You may also have to raise the action, at least for the lowest (C) string, since it will be a bit floppier (is that a word?) than the same string tuned to standard and it will buzz otherwise.

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      Do you recommend any strings? String gauge? I like a bright tone. I play hardcore and rock, pop punk


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        Sorry, I'm a guitarist who noodles around on bass. I bought a set of Ernie Ball flatwounds on clearance when I bought my bass because they were reasonably cheap but they're the only strings I've used. However, there are plenty of experienced bass players here who can give you recommendations. You might also check out the thread "What strings do you use on your Jazz Bass?" As a general rule, I'd choose a slightly heavier than average gauge, maybe .055-.110 or so.

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        Jms39 wrote:
        Do you recommend any strings? String gauge? I like a bright tone. I play hardcore and rock, pop punk

        If you want a bright tone you're generally going to want a higher tension (opens up the wrappings a little, which allows the string itself to resonate at higher overtones), and with your tuning dropped so severely you're encroaching on 5-string territory. You might consider buying your strings accordingly; buy a 5-string kit and string your bass with the bottom 4 (BEAD). Bright == Stainless; nickel strings start out bright but will dull very quickly. Try Rotosound Swing Bass, Dean Markley Blue Steel, D'Addario Prosteels, etc.