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Sound Quality

The distortion is pretty good. But the noise that comes out of this box makes me crasy!!! It produces feedback all the time and it is only designed to use with a N-G according to me. The sound is maybe as nearly as good as a BOSS metal-zone....but with less mid-cut. It sounds awful with all the settings the way up...


I HAD 3 DOD PRODUCTS IN MY LIFE AND I WONT GET 4!!!! It may be made out of cast-iron...the foot switch died after 2 weeks of use. And i took good care of it. My dod FX-7 also broke after 2 months and my Thrash Master's footswith also broke after a year. Its 3000 times les durable than a BOSS. You can kill a DOD...without any problems. It's enough crappy for making me stop buying any Digitech/Dod products. It's unbelievable how it's fragile.

General Comments

Like i said before, DOD had not impressed me and i don't recommend any of their products. Maybe that you already got one and its ok but don't expect it to be as good as SOME BOSS pruducts.

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