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Sound Quality

I'm using it with a Phil Collen signature Jackson and a Marshall 30R but bigger amps always sound better (I tried it with my friend's H&K Attax 80, the sound was great.)It has a good noise gate completely cut all the noise but it also takes the characteristics of your guitar. Its clean sound is not very good but the distortion kicks ass! Other effects have some problems, like the delay is very mechanic and the wah is so noisy.I think its sounds are not natural.I only use it for distortion,flange and chorus.


I never used it in a gig but it never made a problem since 6-7 months in all the practices.I would use it on a gig without any backup.

General Comments

I play hard-rock even thrash with it.I think it is a good match but I would not buy it again, I think a ZOOM-3000 is a better choice. I love the flange and distortion but I met the ZOOM-3000 and I will exchange this with it.Very close price, so better the sound.I do not recommend this.

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