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  1. I love the tone from this song. It's from an old video game for ps2. It sounds like a jackson dinky with a JB in the bridge through a jcm800?
  2. All of Me is a challenging song to play. It's at this site. www.guitarmain.com
  3. Yeah teachers are supposed to find the faults in you mostly, and praise you when you do something good. I think they should make you read notes and tab. I suck at reading notes so I think I'm gonna get a classical book and try to play some stuff on guitar, or start playing piano again.
  4. It's still gonna be hard to make it as any kind of band but you have to admit that if you are in a christian band instead of a rock band you're allready gonna have a following.
  5. Originally posted by incubass Good luck! Pod is signed to a major record label. Can anyone give me all the labels they were signed too, and what other bands the current label has signed? Thanks. I guess I'll just look myself actually......
  6. King's X is great! Despite what some people said it is still easier to get signed to a christian label than a regular label. It sounds like some of the local bands talked about here are good. I've seen plenty of bands that suck. They can just afford to stay in the business because they're labeled as a christian band. I'm not saying they're rich but it is easier to get signed if you suck.
  7. Yeah I know the name of it I just can't think of it right now. I'm gonna go to bed too so I'm too lazy to look it up, lol. There was something like this in the guitar forum about a week ago.
  8. I couldn't agree with you more. I have nothing against christian bands (hey I'm in one) but most of the absolutely suck. If you are in a rock band you suck you could easily make the move to being a christian band. There are some good christian bands but I hardly ever listen to them. I have heard most of their songs just to get a taste of the genre and I do like a lot of different types of music, but it's worse than country. I think if you want to have a christian band that's great. Actions speak louder than words though. You shouldn't really stress the fact that you're a christian band. I don't want people to listen to my band just because it's christian, but it happens. I don't think I'd ever sign to one of those christian cd labels. BTW what label did pod sign for? I hate them and their music sucks but I like the way they go about being a christian band.
  9. There's nothing I wished I asked before buying this guitar. I called route 101 and asked for their opinions, and I spent a lot of time on their message board before deciding what options I wanted. If I went into a coma, came out of it, and somehow lost this guitar then I'd buy a new one. Maybe with a different finish just for variety. The tilt back headstock is really nice, and I the string saver saddles are awesome. The strings still have that new feeling with the saddles I got. Great sustain compared to some fenders. I would say that if all you like are american made fenders, then this guitar's not for you. If you like having a humbucker or two with some custom switching options then this guitar is definetely for you. I got sick of 3 standard single coils with the occasional humbucker so I decided to get this guitar. I think the best route 101 guitar for the price would be 2 single coils with a hotrail at the bridge for pickup configuration. The hot rail is great if you play rock. Otherwise get a single coil or standard humbucker at the bridge. I'm gonna get a rincon from route 101 too in the future.
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