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Sound Quality

Here's the algorithm list first: -Fading Parametric Equalizer - an EQ with a kind-of-Exciter -Dynamic Filter 1 - LPF and two EQs, all controlled by envelope followers -Dynamic Filter 2 - BPF/multi mode filter plus a high pass filter in parallel, dynamically crossfaded, all controlled by envelope followers or envelope generators -Extended Compressor Limiter - Expander/Compressor/EQ/Soft Clipper -Sub-harmonic Generator -Channel-Vocoder - a 16-band Vocoder with attack/release per band (whoa) -Exciter - actually, an Exciter + Gate -Non-linear Saturator - EQ/bass enhancer/saturator/high-pass filter -Percussion Synthesizer - looks like a 808 or a 909 from the schema -Monophonic Synthesizer - 4 OSCs, three filters at once plus delay etc. That's all algorithms. Now here's the problem - the synthesizer algorithms can't be triggered by external sources, only by MIDI. And I currently don't have a MIDI keyboard so I can't tell how they sound like. The others - well, the EQ is kinda like an EQ. The Compressor works but I'd rather use an analog one (easier to handle). The sub-harmonic generator works well on guitar, not so much on bass. The non-linear saturator is used to emulate tape and tubes with varying degrees of authenticity. So, up to here we have a couple of good-sounding standards with sub-optimal usability. BUT - there are the Dynamic Filters. The first one is already great, but the second one is incredible. It produces filtering effects from low-fi wah to subtle treble fuzziness, underwater-like sounds and everything in-between. All triggered from your playing with all envelope followers again fully editable. Very expressive. I use the Dynamic Filter 2 on bass for some weird filtered sound (see below for an URL). The unit has no digital I/Os. The converters are good though. Overall, no noise


I have some Sony stuff (both pro audio and hi-fi) and even the oldest stuff from 1992 still works great. Hardware is top notch, extremely stable.

General Comments

Overall, this is a unit without too many useful applications. Unless you own some synthesizers without filters (?) or are in desperate need of a monophonic synthesizer, this isn't a unit for everyone. Most of the algorithms are near-useless without MIDI control anyway.


On the other hand, if you are looking for this sound <http://eaio.com/misc/sony_dps_f7.ogg>, then try finding one. If you aren't, don't bother. You won't find one anyway :)

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