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Sound Quality

What follows apply tho the head version( there is a combo with this head also)The sound is great  direct.I often use it with an Ampeg preamp (in the front effects loop return), cause I'm used to the Ampeg Sound. Alone the sound is very clear. Some will say sterile, others, me included, will say natural, not colored. Some preamp functions are useless, like the "contour" that make the sound disappear totally. Used with two cabs (so in 4 ohms) this amp is really VERY powerful.It's an old amp (2003, I write this in 2019 so 16 years !) but a wonderful one that can beat easily more modern proposition like Hartke HA3500 (in the same league size/weight wise)


Built like a tank and easily to repair in case (this will not happen) the exact opposite of modern, lighter and more powerful little class D heads.


used (it's and old amp) it's a steal

General Comments

I love it.it's great , solid, sound great and has every thing i want (but a real DI.. I use my preamp DI when i need a DI)

Reviewer's Background

it's not a "full of bells and whistle" amp , it's an old amp built like nothing is built nowadays, easily to repair in case, and powerful.It provides power and reliability, for fine tuning sound, pedals are required.It's more or less the exact opposite of a Class D head.

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