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Sound Quality

Sound is balanced so well between lows & highs ... mids. Not a boomy low end like my Martin & Gibson... more of a "piano" like sound.


My LS500 was made in 1997 - they were only made between 1993-2003 ; guitar has low action , no string buzz , intonation is accurate as well as neck angle.  All solid woods :sitka top , rosewood sides & back / fretboard & bridge.


I know I paid more then I should but this LS500 is 100% MINT condition with the original Yamaha hard shell case & BONE nut & saddle. It looks brand new just as it came out of the custom shop in Japan.

General Comments

I own a 1970 Martin D-35 ; 1955 Gibson Country Western  ; 1964 Epiphone Cortez........ this Yamaha LS500 is my favorite acoustic guitar. In the past I had been called a Martin "SNOB" because I would not play anything else.  I gave it much thought & always knew that Bert Jansch played a Yamaha as well as Paul Simon & others.... so I finally bought a LL500 (also a great guitar) and I sold that one (big mistake) but the LS has a smaller body then the LL500. I would never sell this guitar.

Reviewer's Background

I started playing at age 9 and now I'm 72 ... recorded on United Artists in the late 60's & my own solo album in the mid 90's. Been teaching guitar since I was 18 & collecting guitars every since. I also own a small analog recording studio. The LS500 tracks great to tape.

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